Harga HP BB Blackberry Gemini 8520

It may not be long before Indonesia will be a place to introduce the latest series of blackberries blackberry gemini after the United States and Canada. Blackberry this latest series have another name blackberry curve 8520, blackberry series is quite attracted much attention because of the selling price is quite cheap, even though the selling price of blackberry gemini Category medium was added but the features are embedded in it will eliminate the impression of cheap on the latest series blackberry this. United States and Canada market blackberries this gemini released at a price of U.S. $ 130 through operator T-Mobile contract agreement for 2 years.

In Indonesia alone is not known exactly how much prices will be pegged to this gemini blackberries. One of the telecom operators who are the distributors Blacberry gemini gemini blackberries this estimate will be released at a price range of 3-4 billion, interested?.

But before that we must be patient because the government was still waiting for RIM Depkominfo through to fulfill its promise to open service center in Indonesia, as long as the promise was not fulfilled, we used to make saving siapin buy blackberry gemini

Blackberry Gemini sold at 3.4 million, see HP Price Blackberry Gemini / Blackberry Curve 8520.